Respect the environment


Dear Guest,

Respect for nature and the environment are themes that Camping Park dei Dogi takes particularly to heart and we are sure that you, having chosen an open air holiday, will agree with the importance of a shared commitment towards the environment.

We would like to remind you of some of the ways in which you can help us and we would like to thank you in advance for your valuable contribution.

At the camping entrance is placed an area for collecting waste which must be deposited in special containers, after making a selection as expected. It is forbidden to leave waste outside of thevehicle and inside the pitch during their stay and on leaving day. Containers of chemical toilets, as well as all other sewage and waste water collected in the motorhome or other means mobile residence, must be emptied into the appropriate drains in the area Camper- service. The unloading operations can be performed only during daylight hours.

Separated waste collection

Each day the campsite produces tonnes of material and these are often thrown in bins all together.
In this way some recyclable materials like paper, glass, plastic and cans uselessly fill up rubbish tips when they could be recycled if collected separately.Separate waste collection of these materials is extremely important because it allows us to re-use them, thus saving raw material and energy.

  • At the Camper-service you will find:
  • - Yellow bins for paper
  • - Blue bins for plastic, cans and glass
  • -Green bins for not separated waste collection
  • - A used battery container by the reception.

Saving water and electricity

Water is our most precious natural resource, don’t waste it!
Please avoid consuming water uselessly or in excess. Ensure you close taps well and inform the Management at once of any leaking taps.

The production, transport and consumption of electricity has an environmental cost for all of us, so it is extremely important not to waste it.

Only use electrical items when they are needed and do not leave light on for no reason.


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